Getting Started


We work together replacing old unwanted habits with choices that leave you feeling better and move you toward the life you want. For those seeking weight loss, the goal of this process is to end the struggle with losing and maintaining weight. What can you expect? We begin with what you would like to change and the obstacles that get in your way. Your choices, combined with my ideas and information lead the way. Your privacy is always protected. We generally meet weekly for the first 3 months. Our first meeting usually takes about an hour and a half. Subsequent appointments are approximately one hour. Begin feeling better now by …

  • Treating yourself with kindness
  • Trying things in new and different ways
  • Knowing yourself better in order to make better choices
  • Taking small practical steps that are comfortable for you
  • Getting your questions answered about weight loss, maintenance, nutrition, exercise and more

Regardless of your personal challenge, being unkind to yourself with deprivation, denial or increasing your stress level, is not a part of this process. So come and try out a different way of thinking, because you can change your life if you choose.