“You are supported in a kind and non-judgemental setting because weight loss is not just about diet and exercise”.
Jackie Bowden, R.N.

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Worth Weighting For Offers A Way To…

Fit into clothes you’ve been wanting to wear

Overcome the challenges that have kept you from losing weight permanently

Regain your energy

Feel comfortable in your body again

Be in control instead of being controlled by your food choices

Feel better now, instead of waiting until you've lost the weight

What Our Clients Are Saying…

“I was amazed by the results considering how long I’ve struggled with my weight.“

“I tried to lose weight many times. The things I tried had little or no long-term effect. Jackie offered a different approach that created lasting results I love! “​

“Weight loss was only one of many benefits I came away with”

“I’m excited about my future and have you to thank for that.”

“This has helped me change my life in a positive and powerful way.”

Worth Weighting For now offers FaceTime and phone appointments.

Please contact me to get started! You can also visit my blog at: www.withlovejackie.com

Worth Weighting For